Heart of Stone - Christine Warren

Heart of Stone - Christine Warren 


HEART OF STONE is one of those books I probably wouldn't have given a second look to just by looking at the cover. I mean, a hot guy with no shirt on the cover...those are a dime a dozen in the romance world. But, I didn't see the cover first, I saw the description and the name of series first. And that made all the difference. Reading a paranormal romance about a gargoyle was something I can say I've never done before and I was intrigued. I'm happy to say that the uniqueness of the story definitely lived up to the hype. And the humor and wit that I've loved in other Christine Warren books was front and center. With that combination, HEART OF STONE was a definite hit for me.


Ella Harrow has always known that she was different. There was something inside of her that made her shy away from other people. She likes her solitude and if it wasn't for the fact that she is a tour guide at an art museum in Vancouver, British Columbia, she'd never be around anyone. Well, somehow she wakes up the gargoyle statue that she's been drawn to since it came to the museum, and now the stone statue is a living, breathing being.


Kees has no idea what woke him from his slumber but the little human in front of him is in danger. She also has magic in her that she doesn't know how to use. Things seem off kilter in the world and the demons that he's sworn to fight appear to be taking over. So, now that he's awake he must do his duty and fight the evil trying to take over the world. However, for some reason he can't seem to let the little human go.


So, HEART OF STONE, had it all: Mystery, action, paranormal elements, humor, and some strong sexual chemistry. I enjoyed each individual element, but coming all together in the way that it did kept me thoroughly entertained. Just when I thought the story was getting too serious, one the main characters would do something that would make me chuckle out loud. It's refreshing to get a story that doesn't take itself so seriously once in a while.


Kees and Ella were an interesting couple, but they worked. I was glad that they both helped each other through their issues. Kees didn't think he had any emotions which was obviously not true, and Ella thought that she was a danger to normal society and kept herself apart from everyone. Their love helped heal them both and made the stronger.


The plot in HEART OF STONE is far from over. It didn't end on a cliffhanger or anything but there is definitely more to come. This book is the first one in the Gargoyle series and I'm really interested in seeing where things go from here. I felt so invested in the story by the end of the book, I have to continue on with the series. I would also like to get more of glimpse of Kees and Ella because I don't think their story is over either.


My only complaint here is what I just mentioned. I didn't feel like the relationship between Kees and Ella was fleshed out enough. I wanted more development there. I just hope it comes from future books because I truly enjoyed them as a couple. With that though, I give this one *4 STARS*. It was definitely a fun read. And that's what will keep me coming back to read of this author's work.


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