The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden

The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden 


*3.5 STARS*

Comic Con meets BDSM club in THE SEDUCTION HYPOTHESIS which results in a hot and enjoyable read, but it was a little too short to really do the plot justice.

Ben and Lindsey broke up under not so great circumstances, and now they are stuck attending a comic convention together that was planned before the break up. Talk about awkward. Lindsey still has feelings for Ben and Ben still has feelings for Lindsey, but they don't know how to get back to each other. 

Until Lindsey is invited to be Sub Red, a character from her favorite graphic novel who is a submissive at a BDSM club. She really gets into the role and it gives Ben an idea of how to win her back. But, will he just play at the Dom role or will Ben and Lindsay be embarking on a new facet of their relationship together?

So, this was definitely an interesting concept. I was intrigued by the BDSM graphic novel (is there such a thing, I will be researching that). Also, I could see the whole scenario play out. Couple are going along fine then one person goes out on a limb to try to show that they are interested in something and then the other person shuts them down because they are uncomfortable. Neither one of them truly communicates what they are feeling and it dissolves the relationship. I've seen that happen in real life many times over.

But while, I thought that the background of the story had a lot of truth to it, it was hard for me to get into how Ben and Lindsey moved forward. Ben basically became a Dom overnight and he did that with permission from others in the lifestyle who he sought advice from. He had never done any of the things he had tried on Lindsey before, and that made me a bit uncomfortable.

I know why that happened. The story is very short, so there wasn't a lot of time for Ben to get experience, but that was my problem with the book. It needed to be fleshed out more, given more time to develop to truly meet it's full potential.

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