Dear Jane (Animal Attraction #1) - Marissa Clarke

Dear Jane (Animal Attraction #1) - Marissa Clarke 



(It was more like *3.75 STARS* but I rounded up to 4.)


DEAR JANE is a fun romantic comedy about two people who can't seem to get out of their own way enough to be happy but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Jane Dixon hasn't been on a second date in two years. She feels that she's doomed to be alone but when her work colleague drops of flowers from yet another guy who doesn't want to see her again, she think things may just be looking up. 

Eric Blackwell has been planning for this moment for years. He's just six weeks away from being promoted to Junior Partner at the prestigious law firm he work for, and he just needs everything to fly under the radar until then. So why is he offering to help get a date for Jane Dixon, the woman he's had a crush for the last two years and the daughter of his boss?

Well, maybe he can get her set up with one of his friends and then he can stop thinking about her or wanting to be with her. He knows that impossible because not only does the law firm have a strict non-fraternization policy, but Jane doesn't date lawyers. Of course, fate has other plans.

How cute was this? Jane and Eric were utterly adorable. They were both awkward and perfect for each other. The banter between them was fantastic and really just made the story fly by.

What I wasn't expecting was Eric undressed, so to speak. When he and Jane gave into their attraction to each other, he turned into this whole other man. Very hot, very determined and very skilled in bed. YUM!

My only complaint about DEAR JANE was that it was too short. It's the first book in the Animal Attraction series and I don't think that the book set up the rest of the series enough. We didn't get to meet the other women that the subsequent stories will be centered around and only heard about them in a passing way. I would have liked more there. 

But, other than that. I felt like DEAR JANE was a hit. A fun contemporary romance that was easy and enjoyable to read. This is my first time reading something by Marissa Clarke and definitely won't be my last. I found out in the acknowledgments that DEAR JANE and the Animal Attraction series is a spin-off of another series, and I think I will check that out as well.

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