Covet Thy Neighbor - L.A. Witt

Covet Thy Neighbor - L.A. Witt 



There are certain authors who always make you think or look at things differently when they write about. They make you reconsider your preconceived notions. Make you look at things form a different perspective. LA Witt is one of those writers. Whenever she writes her M/M books as LA Witt or her M/F stuff as Lauren Gallagher, I know that I'm going to be in for a book that is not only hot but also makes me think. COVET THY NEIGHBOR is no different, but with a thought-provoking story set in the world of the Tucker Springs series, it was a really great read.

Seth is an atheist who gave up on Christianity when his faith and family betrayed him at the time when he needed them both the most, so he is floored to find out that the sexy new neighbor that he can not possible keep his hand off is a minister. A gay minister, but a minister nonetheless. That right there puts him firmly in the "hands-off" category. To bad Seth's body doesn't want to seem to listen to that.

Darren is new in Tucker Springs, and ready to have a fresh start with a new congregation. He isn't expecting to be attracted to his sexy neighbor who is an atheist no less. But, their chemistry and compatibility are undeniable. But, he will have to willing to break down the wall that Seth has put up against anything dealing with religion to make things work.

COVET THY NEIGHBOR was not exactly what I was expecting. I guess when I saw that Darren was a minister, I was expecting something a little more tame, but this was HOT. Seth and Darren had chemistry that was off the charts no matter how hard they tried to deny or avoid it. Their banter was funny too. 

I really just loved everything about the book except for one thing. I hated how little Darren and Seth talked with each other. Especially Seth. He spoke to his friends about his feelings a lot. But the person he needed to talk to the most was Darren and it almost cost him a great relationship.

It worked out in the end though, and I was happy to see that the two men got their act together.

COVET THY NEIGHBOR is the fourth book in the Tucker Springs series, but each book can be read as a standalone. I've enjoyed all the books I've read of the series thus far and look forward to reading more.

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