Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen 


I like how Sarah Addison Allen's books always have that bit of magic in them that make you think that maybe it's not so out of the realm of possibility.  People have those "feelings" all of the time.  So maybe for some it's just a little more.


I loved the way the past and present came together in LOST LAKE.  Kate, Eby, and Devon were all connected.  And their connection to the lake was fascinating.


The story was as much about hope as it was about loss and that is usually the way life is isn't it?


I enjoyed all the characters.  Even Selma had her redeeming qualities.  But all of them: Wes, Jack, Lisette, Beulah Dean added such color to the story. I was happy to see that Wes and Kate reconnected.


The part where it lost me was about the whole alligator thing.  It was a little bit too "magical" for my taste, but I certainly didn't detract me from the story.


I would have like to know what happened after it all.  After everything got settled and they moved forward with keeping the lake open, but I guess it's up to me to decide.


So, once again, Sarah Addison Allen immersed me in a world where just about anything is possible and gave me hope that it's true in my world too.