Nine Kinds of Naughty - Jeanette Grey

Nine Kinds of Naughty - Jeanette Grey 


I picked up this book not knowing that it was part of a series, but I had read a previous book by this author and enjoyed it so much that I jumped at the chance to read something by her again. I am happy to say that NINE KINDS OF NAUGHTY did not disappoint. With it's perfect balance of story, romance and sexy times, I was captivated from beginning to end.

This is the story of Lexie Bellamy and Dane Huntley. Lexie is a corporate executive in her family's company and Dane is her assistant...her really hot assistant. Lexie has been involved with a coworker before and it didn't turn out well at all, so she knows that Dane is strictly off limits.

When a business trip puts them in close quarters, things heat up and a world that Lexie never knew she was meant for is opened up for her. Dane shows her his dominant side and she quickly finds she wants to submit to him.

And while she is in charge at work, she's more than happy to let him be in charge in bedroom. But, what happens when they have to go back to real life?

So, yeah, this was not what I was expecting at all, but that's ok because NINE KINDS OF NAUGHTY was a little slice of BDSM heaven. There wasn't anything heavy in this book, so it more BDSM-lite, but I loved Dane's brand of loving dominance. It was totally swoon worthy. And it completely fit with the story. 

My heart really went out to Dane though, he was having a rough time and thought that he had found his solace in Lexie. But then things went south and he was alone again. It was terrible and I wanted to strangle Lexie. He didn't handle things the best either but I thought she was being very unreasonable. It really is my only complaint about the story.

But, the fact that I had such strong opinions about this is really just a testament of how invested I got in the story. The characters and the writing made it impossible for me not to get sucked in.

NINE KINDS OF NAUGHTY is the third book in the Art of Passion Series, but the first two books are about another couple so this one can easily be read as standalone. I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not having read the first two books. I think I will go back and read them when I get the chance though because now I'm curious about how that couple got together. Jeanette Grey is not an author I have a ton of familiarity with, but I'm 2 for 2 with her books now, and I'm interested in seeing if I can keep up the trend.

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