Etched in Bone  - Anne Bishop

Etched in Bone - Anne Bishop 


What do I saw about this book? It was mesmerizing, brilliantly written, eerily prophetic, but ultimately hopeful? Yes, it was all those things, but it was also much more. More than I can put into exact words, but I couldn't put it down.

ETCHED IN BONE is the fifth book in the Others series by Anne Bishop and it picks right up where the last one left off. We are considering how much human to keep at this point. Humans have reared their ugly heads once again and a few bigoted jerks are really messing things up for everyone else. Now there's fall out. People are having to start over and the Elders, the really scary Others, are trying to figure out if the humans that remain are worth keeping or not.

So their solution to the problem is to observe the Lakeside Courtyard where Meg, her human pack, Simon, and his Other pack live. They all seem to get along so the Elders want to know what traits they should be looking out for in other humans. Well, a monkey wrench gets thrown into the plan when a new human family comes to town.

This one was so good. There were so many moving parts. I loved the way the author is just able to bring all those moving parts together seamlessly. Even when I don't see how it could possibly be connected, the plot just weaves together in a way that I want to smack myself for ever doubting in the first place.

Meg is trying to adjust to not cutting herself and it has caused her some problems, but she's really coming into her own. But she and Simon's relationship was strained through this one. There's a shift there. They both know it but know exactly what to do about it.

This story wasn't pretty, in fact there were times it was down right brutal. But it was true to the story arc and to the characters. It couldn't have been any other way. And the ending. WOW, all I can say is that I'm going to die waiting another year to get the next book.

ETCHED IN BONE is a just altogether perfect. I love this series and this book was no exception. Anne Bishop does such an amazing job with this story and these characters. I'm hooked and there's no way I'm going to stop with this series now. I think we're just skimming the surface now. There's lot more we've got to uncover with Lakeside and the Others.

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