Bossed - Sloane Howell

BOSSED had so many of the best things I love in romantic comedy: excellent chemistry between the main characters, laugh out loud banter, smoking hot sex, and situations that leave me smirking long after I'm finished reading. 

In all of those ways, BOSSED was pretty perfect in my opinion. It was just the infuriating way that the heroine acted that made this one a little less than perfect.

Ethan and Jenny started off on the wrong foot. Imagine telling a guy off in the park and then seeing him fifteen minutes later when he's interviewing you for a job. YEP, that happened here. But underneath all of their snark is a undeniable chemistry that you know will eventually combust. Both Ethan and Jenny have issues and protect their hearts at all costs, but in order to make things work, they will have to let the other in.

As I stated earlier, I thought this was pretty much perfect for the most part. I loved Jenny and Ethan's back and forth, their chemistry, and the story overall. But, I wasn't happy with the way handled many things during the book. It took some of my enjoyment out of the book because I was too busy screaming at her for acting like a ninny.

So, BOSSED was a solid *4 STARS* for me. I've only read one other book by this author and I really enjoyed that one too. I definitely will be keeping him on my radar!

*Advanced Reader's Copy provided by NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review*