Twist (Dive Bar) - Kylie Scott

Twist (Dive Bar) - Kylie Scott 


TWIST is the latest installment of the Dive Bar series by Kylie Scott. The gang's all here again but this time it's Joe Collins in the hot seat. And the big, burly, lumbersexual hottie is trouble when what he thought of as an innocent deception blows up in his face.

It was supposed to be innocent. When Joe starts using his brother Eric's online dating profile instead of closing it like he was asked to do, he really didn't think much of it. But when the woman he has been chatting with over the last several months shows up at the Dive Bar, ready to meet the man she thought she had been building a relationship with, it all comes to a head.

Alex Parks has no idea that when she shows up at the Dive Bar to see her online friend, that he'll have no idea who she even is. But, when she finds out about the deception, her humiliation has her wanting to run back to her home in Seattle as soon as possible. Fate will have other ideas and she is left grounded in northern Idaho for several days. Days in which she is left getting to know the big, blonde hunk who is the cause of all of the problems.

And although neither Joe nor Alex wants to admit it, the more time they spend together, the more time they have to realize that they are just what the other needs.

I really thought TWIST was cute. From the horrible mix up when Alex showed up at the Dive Bar unannounced, I knew that I was going to be in for a treat. Joe for all the trouble he caused was adorable and sweet. I was glad that he got someone that could appreciate him and not just what he was doing for them.

And Alex was a lot stronger than she gave herself credit for despite all of her neuroses. I was just happy she was able to get past most of them in order to get the ending that she deserved.

All of the drama between Nell, Eric and Patrick continued as well, but we got some resolution with that. That was bittersweet, but I was glad that things worked out the way that we all thought that it should have.

TWIST is the second book in the Dive Bar series, but it could be easily read as a standalone. The Dive Bar crew makes recurring appearances but you'll get the gist if don't read the first one. However, I recommend reading the first book because it was just as fun as this one.

My only problem with TWIST was the fact that Joe totally shut down there in that last third. I didn't understand why he just wouldn't talk to Alex and avoid all of the heartache he put them both through. I felt like he should have had to work just a bit harder to get back into her good graces after that, but who am kidding? I probably wouldn't have been able to hold out very long either.

All in all, I thought TWIST was fun, sweet, and sexy. Just what I was expecting from this author. I love the characters, the stories, and the setting. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they will get into next.

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