Sense and Sensibility - Margaret Drabble, Jane Austen

*4+ Stars*


I really did like this one.  I did, it has some similar traits to Pride and Prejudice which I thought was pretty good.  What made me not bump this one up was the fact that it dragged on in a lot of places.  I felt like what could have been covered in a few pages went on for many more.


But, the story was a good one.  I find that I would have had a hard time living in those days. There were so many rules.  I think I would have broken a great many of them.  LOL


Some people feel like this story was a tragedy even though both sisters had good lives at the end.  I don't see it as a tragedy but as a reality.  It showed that sometimes, the fantasy of the young aren't what bear fruit as we get older.  And while you're life my not be exactly like how you always dreamed, it can still be full and happy and content.


I like to think that both sisters were better off with the way things turned out and lived very happy lives.


It was interesting though that the "villains" in the story ended up rich while our heroes and heroines had much more modest lives.  But, that doesn't take anything away from the fact that they may have gotten the better end of the deal.


I'm glad that I read this classic.  I'm going to start making my way through some classics over the next couple of years.  It's amazing to me the story was still very relevant today even though the times are much different.