The Exception (The Exception Series Book 1) - Adriana Locke

The Exception (The Exception Series Book 1) - Adriana Locke 


*3.5 STARS*


I read the first in the series of the Landry family by this author recently and really enjoyed it.  There are only three books out in that series right now so I'm trying to spread things out some in the effort to not just gobble the series up.  Since Adriana Locke was a new author to me, I decided to see what other books were out and came upon this one.


Unfortunately for me, this series didn't quite live up to the Landry family.  The writing wasn't as good in my opinion, and the hero in the beginning of the book was so awful that it was hard for me to warm up to him.  And the plot had too many things going on and it seems things got dropped because of that.


Despite that though, I thought that the story had potential.  I did start to care about the hero by the end of the book, and some of the love scenes were really hot.  


And while I think that I will go back to the Landry family for now, I probably will revisit this series again.