Easy Virtue (Volume 1) - Mia Asher

Easy Virtue (Volume 1) - Mia Asher 


Another day, another cliffie!  This time I was prepared though.  What I wasn't prepared for was the emotion that this book brought out in me.  An utterly unlikeable heroine was at the center of this book, but she was so damaged that I couldn't help but feel something for the girl she could have been if she didn't have crap parents.  Or if she could have had at least one person who cared about her unconditionally growing up.


Blair was horrible.  She was an unabashed gold digger, selling her body and looks for rent payments, and she didn't deny it.  But, I really thought things would be different with Ronan.  But, she went and screwed that to hell and back.


Lawrence is a whole different story. I know that there's more to him than meets the eye. We get a little glimpse of what his story could be but it was just a little tease.


Then we get the frickin' cliffie bombshell right at the end.  But, have no fear, I was ready this time.  I was aware it was going to happen.  It doesn't make the ending easier to handle though.  I have no idea where the story is going to go from her.  I will definitely have to find out.


This is my first experience with Mia Asher and I will definitely be reading more. She certainly was not afraid to be raw and dirty but was willing to deliver a good story as well.