Nobody But You (Cedar Ridge) - Jill Shalvis

I just love the Kincaids and Jacob was no different.  I felt so bad that he was so uneasy around his family.  The guilt that he had because of him leaving could have made him so bitter, but he was so willing and wanting to help and get back in.  He just didn't realize that he was already back in.  All he had to do was show up and the family was ready to take him back in the fold.  I'm glad he got that back.


Sophie was a hoot.  I know how it can be for some people to really get themselves together, and she was struggling a bit.  But, I loved her personality and her spirit.  I was so glad that she found someone like Jacob who was believed in her 100% and with no conditions.  


The ending was just perfect!  I can't wait to see what adventures the big reveal will bring.  I was surprised at their wedding.  I would have thought their families would have been a part.


Now all the Kincaid men are attached.  Next up in Kenna.  I am really interested in what her story is going to bring.  I hope she gets a story.  **hint, hint**