Behind the Curtain - Beth Kery

Behind the Curtain - Beth Kery 


*3.5 STARS*


BEHIND THE CURTAIN is the latest novel by Beth Kery and it was a scorcher! From the moment the sultry siren behind the curtain was introduced, I was completely intrigued. And my interest continued until the last word due to the interesting storyline and unique characters, not mention the how hot the story was.

Asher and Laila met by chance on a secret beach one summer and they experience a love neither one of them ever thought possible or expected, but life took them away from each other. It's now 8 years later and Asher has found Laila again by chance. The feelings between them all come flooding back, but a lot of time has gone by. They will have to decide if they will be able to move on from the past or if the same thing that tore them apart when they were young doom them to the same fate again now.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Laila is a Muslim-American woman of Moroccan descent and Asher is a WASP. It was an interesting pairing. I liked the dimension that her upbringing brought to the book. Also, we start at in the present but then are sent back to 8 years earlier. And in a different way then I've seen done in other books, we stay in the past until that part of the story was completely resolved. I loved that because I wasn't confused by time going back and forth and trying to remember where we are in time.

I thought the ending was a little rushed especially since we spent so much time in the past. I was hoping that the present was able to be developed a little more. With that being said, I enjoyed seeing Asher and Laila from the beginning. It made their meeting again in the present so much richer.

As I stated previously, BEHIND THE CURTAIN was very hot. It wasn't just the sex, but the chemistry was just insane! Asher and Laila were just explosive together and you could literally see my kindle steamy at certain points.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN is my first novel by the author, Beth Kery, but it will not be my last. I liked the great storyline and the intense chemistry between the characters.

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