Levitate - Kaylee Ryan

Levitate - Kaylee Ryan 


*3.5 STARS*


This was a pretty good read.  It was very angsty with both Max and Kensington's backgrounds but it lent importance to the story.  I thought it unrealistic with Max going off with some chick after getting rejected by Kensi that Kensi would fall for his charms so easily, but it is fiction.


I also had a hard time believing the scene between Max, Kensi and Justin (JT) at the bar at the end of the book.  Too simple.


I was glad to see that Max's mom never made an actual appearance in the book.  There were a few scenes in the book that made me roll my eyes, but it certainly didn't take away from the story. 


I listened to this one on audio and I find that audio really highlights the fact that some authors write dialogue in a way that people don't actually speak.  Like when authors don't use contractions in their dialogue. It sounds odd.  There weren't (see I used a contraction there) a ton of parts where that happened but when it did, I really is highlighted with the audio.


This is my first book by this author and I'd definitely try another one of her books.  I liked the characters and the story.  So, I look forward to trying more of her work soon.