Now Everyone Will Know: The Perfect Husband, His Shattering Secret, My Rediscovered Life - Maggie Kneip

This is a hard book to rate. It's someone story, so it doesn't matter how well you think it progressed. It's what happened, right?

I have so many feelings about this. I feel bad for this mother whose world was ripped apart by what then a killer disease. It's been so long since the days when I grew up in the 80's when AIDS was the boogie man lurking around the corner.

What strikes me most about this story is the fact that Maggie never got the benefit of having closure. She bathed and diapered this man and he never apologized, thanked her, or confessed beyond stating that he "slept with men in Los Angeles" which was before they met.

And the had to swallow a lot of anger for her kids and her own sanity when she deserved the right to own that.

I can't imagine what a burden that must have been. But good for her for having this outlet to give some closure and to be able to shed some light on a secret that shouldn't have been hers to bear.

I think that this story will stay with me for a long time. I'm glad to hear that she was able to find some peace and let go of all that subterfuge and stress. I hope that she continues to be blessed with it.