Divided in Death (In Death Series #18) -

This was a hard one to get through at times.  Eve and Roarke really went through it during this one.  Eve's case really hit home for Roarke in more ways than one and it hit Eve personally as well.  For a time, they let that get in the way of their relationship and it was hard.


Although Eve says that she's not good at the relationship stuff, I think she's very honest with herself.  I believe it makes her very good at the relationship "stuff".  She may not always know exactly how to express her feelings, but she doesn't do half bad at all.


Overall, I thought the story was fascinating.  So many twists and turns in this one. I really didn't want it to end.


The gang was all back again.  And I love that Peabody and McNab got to go on their own adventure.  And Feeny and Eve's relationship is just so sweet.  I'm so glad she has him and Dr. Mira.


I'm looking forward to reading more of this series.  It's amazing and just seems to get better and better.