No Strings Attached (Pink Bean Series Book 1) - Harper Bliss

No Strings Attached (Pink Bean Series Book 1) - Harper Bliss 


I really thought this was interesting.  I don't read a ton of Lesbian fiction.  I just don't come across a lot of it, but I really enjoyed this one.  We have a non-transitional heroine in the fact that the she's 44, recently divorced with two kids, and just realizing (or should I say acknowledging) that she's attracted to women. 


She meets a woman who, despite a less than stellar first impression, is someone she's attracted to.  This woman, Robin, tells our heroine, Micky, that she's looking for a no strings attached affair and Micky is willing to go along with that.  But things get more complicated that either one of them bargained for.


Even though we have a lot of differences, I found Micky to be really relatable.  I was rooting for her.  It could not have been easy to come out at her age and tell her family that she had partly been living a lie.  Robin's character grew on me.  I didn't much like her in the beginning but by then end, I thought that she was the perfect partner for Micky.


The book centers on a coffee shop called the Pink Bean, and I loved those secondary characters that came along with it: Amber, Micky's best friend; Josephine, the young barista;  and Cheryl and Kristin the couple who owns the Pink Bean.  They along with Micky's family really helped round out the story.


Overall, I like the book.  It was sweet, hot, and memorable.  I definitely will continue on with the series.  I was able to get this one on audio through my library and the phenomenal Angela Dawe was narrating so that was an extra special treat.