Switch - Adriana Locke

This one was great too. These Landry's really know how to do the romance thing. I was not expecting Graham to be so fun. Loved his dominant ways in the bedroom but loved the fact that Mallory wouldn't listen to him even more. LOL

I loved the way that Mallory ruffled his put together self and made him live a little. And he in turn gave her some stability and room to grow which had been stifled from her previous relationship.

I wasn't a fan of the way Graham dealt with the one thing that went wrong. He racked up some major jerk points for that one. I'm glad Ford set him straight and right away too.

Loved seeing on the gang again too. it was awesome. I love the Landry family. I definitely will be continuing on with this series.

The narration on these books are just so on point. Wen Ross and Kai Kennicott are an awesome duo.