Shacking Up - Helena Hunting

Shacking Up - Helena Hunting 


SHACKING UP by Helena Hunting is everything that I've come to expect from this author. It was fun, sexy and very entertaining. Ruby and Bancroft were perfect for each other but let's just say that had a few troubles along the way.

Ruby Scott troubles go from bad to work because of a mystery man who spread his flu germs to her when he kissed the hell out of her at her best friend's engagement party. She never got the name of the man who knocked her off her feet with his kiss and she's glad of that now since she may very well kill him if she sees him again. Ruby is already behind on her rent, about to lose her apartment, and thanks for her flu bug, just bombed her audition when she barfs all over the director...I kid you not.

Her best friend Amie comes through for her though when she informs her of a possible pet sitting job that Amie is supposed to do for her future cousin-n-law but would be way more suited for Ruby. Funny thing is, when Ruby meets with Amie's future family, it's none other than the germ spreader!

Understanding his role in all of Ruby's problems, Bancroft feels obligated to help her out. So, he offers not only the pet sitting gig but also to let her move into his apartment while he's away on business. Now, if only he can keep his mind, not mention his hands off her...

SHACKING UP was totally adorable. It's exactly what romantic comedy should be. I love that Ruby and Bancroft kept finding themselves in ridiculous situations but that they couldn't seem to keep away from each other either.

I wasn't exactly fond of the way that Ruby handled herself when she thought that Bancroft wasn't the guy she thought he was. I felt like the extra drama could have been spared with a phone call, but I guess that would have mad things too easy.

They worked it out in the end, so it's all good. And I was able to close my kindle with a smile on my face. Bancroft had a few brothers and I was hoping that there was a hint that we could see more of them in the future, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

For readers that like a little silly and lot of sexy, SHACKING UP will be right up your alley!


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