Survivor in Death (In Death Series #20) -

Survivor in Death (In Death Series #20)


OMG, this one just killed me.  It was so hard to read at times.  I felt so bad for Nixie.  I also felt bad for the little girl that Eve was. I was glad that Eve is revealing more of her life to her friends.  I think it will help her get over the horrific childhood that she had to deal with.


I was really hoping that Eve and Roarke would keep Nixie, but that would have be to schmaltzy.  Everything worked out the way that it was supposed to.  


Commander Whitney brought up the fact that Eve should be Captain already again, so I'm hoping that she's going to be albe to move up rank soon.  She really is an awesome cop.


I just love this series and there is absolutely no way that I'll be able to stop reading it now.