A Love Worth Biting For (Hart Clan Hybrids, #1) - Roxy Mews
A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR blew me away. It’s fresh, funny and completely engrossing. I’m convinced that Roxy Mews is a new author to watch. Now, I may be biased because I know this author but after reading this book TWICE before writing my review I feel as though I’m being as honest as completely possible about this new book.

Amber Paulson, daughter of the Paulson Pack Alpha, just found her mate. Sucky thing is that her mate just happens to be a vampire. And that’s a no-no when it comes to mating in her world. She tries hard to avoid him, but it doesn’t work. Next thing she knows, Amber’s got a drool-worthy mate and the possibility of an interspecies war on her hands...and that’s just the beginning.

Jake Meyers is not looking to be mated. As a vampire/werewolf hybrid, he hasn’t even really given much thought to his werewolf side. But when Amber Paulson walks into his life, everything he thought about himself gets turn on it’s head.

It seems as though no one is happy about their mating and as Amber and Jake try to figure out how to be together, they have to fight against forces on all sides that try to keep them apart. However, it may be Jake and Amber’s shared past that may drive them from each other for good.

FUNNY. SNARKY. SEXY. INTRIGUING! These are all words that I think of when trying to describe this debut novel. The plot is original, dialogue is hilarious, and the characters are completely memorable. I loved the author’s voice in this, very down to earth while weaving an awesome storyline.

The story starts off with a bang and then doesn’t let up until the last word. I sat down to read this and didn’t look up again until I was done. The only thing I could think of was the fact, that I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no big cliffhanger, but instead the ending was left open enough extend the series with the focus on other characters.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much while being completely turned on at the same time, but Amber’s character was hilarious. She had some of the best one-liners. Put against Jake’s “straight-man” dialogue, it was side-splitting at times.

I honestly can not think of one bad thing to say about this story. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for more from this author. If A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR is anything to go by, she’s going to be a star!