Seeing Stars - Vanessa Grant

*3.5 STARS*

Cute story of un-requited love/lust in high school revisited in adulthood. Reminded me of One Reckless Summer: A Destiny Novel - Toni Blake in some ways.

One thing that kept me from really liking this one was the fact that Claire did something unforgivable in my eyes when she purposely slept with Blake knowing she was at her most fertile time. Then she decided that she wouldn't tell him if she did end up pregnant, like he wouldn't have the right to know because it wouldn't fit into her plans. HORRID WOMAN. That's just not something I can EVER justify, and it just makes me loathe to call that person a woman.

Ok, off my soapbox now. I was enjoying it up until that point and then afterward I was perseverating on it throughout the rest of the story and it just dwindled my enjoyment.

I thought Blake's response to that awful behavior was a bit unrealistic as well.