Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election That Changed Everything for American Women - Rebecca Traister
This was fascinating! I can't believe I'm even saying this, but I was completely engrossed in this book. There is no way I would have read this if I hadn't been forced to in a challenge, but I really thought that this was fantastic.

I've never really defined myself as a "feminist". I've always believed what I believed but never put a name on it. But listening to this audiobook has me wanting to look a little more closely at that. I also appreciate that feminist is not a "dirty" word no matter how hard others try to make it so.

But, what I loved the most is revisiting the 2008 campaign melee. OMG, the fervor, the vitriol, it was amazing how engaged all the world was. It didn't matter which side you were on, people were really into politics. And no matter who you voted for, you have to admit that it was pretty darn cool we almost had a woman in the oval office. But, who knows, 2016 is just around the corner...