Mercy - Annabel Joseph
Wow, this was intense. The up and down was hard to take at times but both Lucy and Matthew were so damaged, it was hard for them to get into their relationship. I still don’t understand how Lucy was able to forgive Matthew after he did what he did, but I’m glad that it worked out for them in the end.

I liked that this book was more about the mindf*ck more than anything. I wasn't about going to clubs or parading Lucy around for Matthew. Dominant was just what he was and submissive was just what she was. Even though they had specific rules for "scenes", I liked Matthew's take on the lifestyle although I didn't agree with everything he did to Lucy.

I love the way Annabel Joseph gets me to think about BDSM. It's not just about the lust factor with her. It's what draws me to her books.