The Game Changer (The Perfect Game, #2) - J. Sterling
Not sure how to rate this one. I didn’t see the need to have a second book in this series because I thought the first one was wrapped up so nicely, but it was nice to see how exactly things happened when Jack and Cassie broke up and Jack had to work to get her back .

However, I still think that it could have been handled in the first book. I felt like rolling my eyes like Cassie was fond of doing so many times while reading this one, I thought my eyes would fall out of my head by the end of the book. I was so tired of the angst. I wanted to read a romance, and it was so bogged down in the “players’ wives” stuff.

And that Crystle girl, WTH. She should have been silenced a long time ago. I can’t believe the stuff they let her get away with!

The ending though made up for a whole lot of the story. I loved that! Perfect ending for them. Especially the last line. It was totally Jack F’n Carter! Honestly though, I really think it could have been dong in the first book. After being so happy with that one, I was sad to be disappointed in this one.