Slave  - Sherri Hayes
It's so hard to rate this book, but I went with 4.5 stars in the end.

I absolutely devoured this book, I will most likely read it again at some point. It was much different than I thought it would be. I had no idea how emotionally connected I would be to Brianna and Stephan. The horrors that Anna suffered at the hands of her forced Master were horrible, and we just got a small glimpse of them.

I was sad that the book ended where it did. I understand that it's part of a series but I would have liked a little more resolution to the story before it ended.

I will say that I liked the shifting points of view in the story. Whenever there's a book that it's the first person, I'm always wondering how the other person sees things, so this way I got that in the one story.

I'm on to the next story now. I've got an ARC from NetGalley, so I have to start it. There's no way that I can stop now. I need HAVE to know what happens next.