Lover at Last - J.R. Ward

Okay this review is NOT spoilerly at all but if you haven't read up to this book, then there can be spoilers from other books, so please beware!

Update finished reading 3/29/13:

I really don't know how to rate this. I don't know if I can give the star rating accurately. I'm totally over the moon about somethings, but I was disappointed with others.

Things I loved:

⦿Loved Qhuinn and Blay. God, how long have I been waiting for this!!! I really didn't think this would come to fruition, so the WARDen has been elevated in status in my view because I truly thought that she'd be afraid to do this book. But, on the flip side, I think they got robbed. They didn't get enough time together. There was too much of their miscommunication and not enough time for them to be Qhuay! MORE, MORE, MORE. But what I got was so hot and raw, I just loved it.
(I realized that I just put something I didn't love in with my thing I loved, so I hope that doesn't confuse anyone).

⦿Loved the drama behind Wrath's rule. Won't give any spoilers here but I really thing the WARDen is onto something especially with Xcor wanting to be king. I love the way his opinion has changed with some information he didn't know about the old laws.

⦿Loved Layla! I really never thought I would ever say that. I'm not a Layla-hater, but I never really saw the point of her one way or the other. I really have a new found respect for her because of this book.

⦿ Saxton--although I didn't like him for Blay, that male is so classy and awesome. I hope he gets a HEA as a side plot or something. He really deserves it after all that he did in this book (you just HAVE to read it to find out)

⦿ There were some serious NO FREAKIN' WAY moments in this book that just blew me away. I didn't think that the WARDen could do anything that would surprise me at this point, but she did. And it's made me excited about the series again.

⦿Loved the Possibility of more story lines. Trez/iAm had a lot of "screen time" and I'm really interested in where that's going to go. Also, Xcor (even though I'm not fond of him), Assail (don't know where I am with that dude) all got to move along their character arcs.

But that brings me to what I didn't like:

⦿ As I stated Blay and Qhuinn got robbed. They deserved sooooo much more time. I really wanted more of their relationship, the development, the exploration, the transition from friend to lover. I really wanted that. We just didn't get it in the way that they deserved in my opinion. There better be more of them in future books. I would like to see Qhuinn get some letters carved on his back too at some point.

⦿ The Lessers: I think at this point they just need to die off already. We've got so much other stuff going on in the books that they are just a waste of space IMO.

⦿ I feel like too many of the poor Shellans have been dropped. We didn't see any of Mary or Cormia in this book. Even when there were big celebrations. What's up with that? We got so much of these other characters that were introduced in this story but some other more important characters were just dropped. That made me sad.

⦿The Glymera: ugh, nuff said!

So, there were things that I wish were different. I think that there is so much going on in this books, that the main couples are starting to suffer. It's easier to do the whole UF thing when you have one couple, it's this blend of UF/PNR (different couples for each book) that is making the series suffer.

I'm not sure how to get around that. I'm still in love with the Brothers so I'm still going to keep reading. But I hate that I start resenting to side stories because I want more of my main couple!