Laid Open - Lauren Dane
*3.5 Stars*

I wanted to like this one more. I was sad that I didn't.

Let's talk about the good:

Good-any time Todd and Ben get it on....GOOOOODDDDDD. they were hot and yummy. Love them.
Good--adding a girl into the mix of the above mentioned Todd and Ben...ultimate fantasy for me, so good.
Good-parents getting a break to go to freakin' Fiji with no kids and getting a chance to reconnect, awesome!

But, seriously, why does Erin ruin everything all the time?! she needs some serious therapy. She's got another child now that she has to be strong for. She doesn't have to forget her first baby. no one would ever think that. Especially another mom because that will just never happen. But, she does need to understand that the hurt can get less and it's ok to live. I'm sure her daughter would never want her to be so emotionally stunted as she it. It's frustrating, and I just feel sorry for Ben and Todd. Then I feel like they would be better off without her. Then I get all made because I've been ripped out of my hot threesome fantasies.

Ok, rant over, but seriously, Erin really ruined this one for me.