Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton
WAAAAHHHH! I'm so disappointed with this one! :( It makes me so sad. I've loved this series and I know you can't win them all but I wasn't ready to be disappointed yet. I just really thought it was boring. Not enough romance for me, not enough of the Riley family, and I just didn't really care enough about whether Garrett and Alicia got together.

Then the end came together so quickly, I just felt like it was an after thought. The most telling thing is that it took me THREE DAYS to finish this. That's sacrilege! If it was a good book I would have been done in one night.

It makes me nervous for the next one. I think maybe the series needed to stop after the main Riley's. Now this next book doesn't even have a Riley in it! WTF?

Oh well, I'm not going to give up yet, I really love Jaci Burton, so I'm going to keep the faith!