A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland
So, so good and just about perfect. Even though I knew who the killer was right off the bat, I didn't GET the full story until the author outlined it. WOW, that blew me away. *shudders*

Anyway, the story was engrossing and made it impossible for me to put it down, but I really loved Matt and Kier together. Kier was exactly what Matt needed, someone to open him up and lighten him up. But Matt was also someone that Kier needed too. He needed that steady, dependable man that wouldn't hurt him.

It certainly didn't hurt that they were both hot and wanted to screw each other's brains out. LOL

Anyway, this is my first book by this author, but I'm going to look at some of her other work. If this book is anything to go by, I've found a great new author to read.