All He Ever Dreamed - Shannon Stacey
I think I may have been the only person disappointed with Josh's story. I felt like Katie was robbed a little bit. Especially when Josh went off to find himself. I felt like she was just hanging on. I know that Josh had to find his own way in the end but I didn't like what it did to Katie.

Anyway, I loved the rest of the book. I love this family and this series, I just had higher hopes for Josh is all.

I love this family, this series, and these characters. I feel like over the course of the series we've grown to love the Kowalski's in a way I have saved for only a few of my most favorite series like the McKay/West clan in the Rough Riders Series, the Browns in the Brown Sibling series to name a few.

I really hope this isn't the end of the series. Can't we find a few more Kowalskis? I still have high hopes for Liz Kowalski's book!