Lush - Lauren Dane
*ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review

LUSH is the latest installment of the Delicious Series by Lauren Dane and it was a hot one! I have fallen in love with this series and I have to admit that part of that is that I’ve been bribed with frequent visits by the clan from the Brown Series, but I have enjoyed it nonetheless.

So LUSH is Mary Whaley’s book. She’s the caterer in the bunch and she’s been having a lot of career success. Not so much on the personal front. That is until she meets up with Damien Hurley, a super sexy drummer friend of Adrian Brown at an engagement party for her friends Adrian and Gillian. They flirt and have a good time but it goes no further.

But when they meet up again at Adrian and Gillian’s wedding, they do the nasty and it’s smokin’ hot. Mary doesn’t expect it to go anywhere, but she’s got no problem with them hooking up when they see each other. She’s got a lot of her plate and she doesn’t have time to do a forever type of relationship, so she’s glad she can get down with a guy who has no interest in such things.

Damien is a rockstar. He’s enjoyed the life that being a rockstar has afforded him. He got a reputation of being a man-whore, but when he meets Mary, he knows she’s different. What started out as a casual thing soon makes him want something more from her. However, his not so sparkling past may come back to haunt him when she won’t take his declarations seriously. So, he has to fight to prove that he can be the man that Mary deserves.

Whew doggie! This was a hot one. Damien was so dirty and so yummy, I wanted to take a bite out of him. I thought that Damien was the perfect bad boy who fell in love, and honestly, I’m a bit of sucker for that trope. Mary was surprising with the way she took what she wanted. I really didn’t think that she had it in her.

I loved seeing the Browns again, as well as the other friends in the Delicious gang. But, I thought that Damien’s brothers who also happen to be in his rock band with him stole the show. Paddy, Vaughan, and Ezra (who’s not technically in the bad any more) were such great characters that I hope they get their own stories as well!

My only complaint is that as strong as Mary was in what she wanted she just bailed when the going got tough. It seemed out of character for her and I was completely disappointed.

I think people will be a little taken aback by the way the book ended. Mary made some changes that could raise some eyebrows. But, I’m glad that she and Damien got their HEA.

I’ve enjoyed this series thus far and I hope that we can get some continuation. I definitely would like to see Damien’s brothers again. :)