Ielle:  A Realm of Janos Novel - Andre SanThomas
This was very good. I got intrigued by this series after reading [b:Inside The Realm of Janos TV Series Fantasy|13549676|Inside The Realm of Janos TV Series Fantasy (A Short-Story)|Andre SanThomas||19115977]. I was surprised to find that if I hadn't read the insider book, I would have never known that this was supposed to be a TV series. The book more a 24-hour TPE book with the woman being property than a BDSM romance. But, this wasn't off-putting because the woman wanted to be in service that way. I think it's harder for me to tackle the forced/non-con scenarios.

But, I digress. I did really enjoy this story. I thought Kyr's character was very good as well as Ielle. I liked them both even though I didn't particularly care for the way women were treated on the realm of Janos.

I will definitely continue with this series because I really can't wait to see what's going to happen next.