Joe - H.D. Gordon

I simply do not have any words. This book was so amazing! As I sit here at 4am on morning when I have to go to work, I am wide awake and absolutely shocked and awed by what I've just experienced at that the hands of this author.

Just wow. I know I sound like a bumbling idiot, but you have to read it to truly know what I mean. A book that strikes so close to home especially in the most recent tragedy that we've experienced in this county is just really eerie and profound. To go into the mind of a killer the way H.D. Gordon does sent chills down my spine at some points in the book.

I know that I am not doing this novel justice but I can't competently convey how fantastic this story was. I loved everything about it. The anti-hero, Joe. The cast of characters who we got to know over the course of the story. It was all so good. And the outcome was more real that I wanted it to be--not touchy-feely, everything comes out roses endings here. BUT, I did feel satisfied with the ending.

However, the author left a bit of an opening for the possibility of another book. If that it at all possible, I'm there.