Sharing Jewel - P.S. Love
More like 3.5 stars that I'm rounding up to 4 stars.

I thought this was quick and fun read. I thought that there were a few issues that made me not give the book a solid 4 stars though. At times the language felt stilted and I thought the lead up to the "menage" made the actually menage anti-climaactic. And I didn't see what the big deal about the husband twin David not wanting to tell his wife that he was sterile. I actually think that David and his brother Daniel could have achieved their goals a lot quicker that way.

And although I thought there were some problems, I really did enjoy the tone of the book. I liked the "going down memory lane thing". I felt like a bit of a voyeur as well!

I've read one other book by this author [b:Lust for Love|13721392|Lust for Love|P.S. Love||19354142] and I liked that one as well, so I think I'll check out some more books by this author.