All He Ever Desired - Shannon Stacey

ALL HE EVER DESIRED is the latest in the Kowalski Family Series and it’s a great addition to the series!

Ryan Kowalski left his hometown of Whitford, Maine years ago after the woman he loved, Lauren Carpenter, refused to leave her husband and run away with him. But now, his family’s business needs him back in the area so he’ll just have to avoid Lauren.

That’s easier said than down when a vandal is caught destroying the family’s property. To make matters worse, the vandal happens to be Lauren’s son.

In order to pay off the damage, Lauren’s son will have to work closely with the Kowalski’s which brings Lauren and Ryan back together again. The years haven’t lessened their attraction to each other, and they just may have a second chance at love.

This is Ryan’s story and I was intrigued after reading the last book what he true deal was. After reading what with down with him and Lauren years ago was quite the revelation. I’m sure that living with the what-if’s was hard, but I was sure glad that they got their HEA.

I love the Kowalski Family in general and I’m glad that we got to see the other side of the family to get some quick updates on them. It sounds like they are all doing wonderfully in their lives.

The one complaint I had about this book was that it wrapped up too quickly. after all the struggles and obstacles, getting to the HEA in two pages just seemed wrong. I didn’t need the fighting to be drawn out or anything, but I was hoping that it got some more page time. It just didn’t seem right that they didn’t more of it.

One little gem that I see coming out of this is Rose and Andy. I saw some interest and sparks between them. I would love to see something come out of that. And what about the Kowalski sister, Liz? Will she get her own book?

So, still some questions there. I can’t wait for the series to continue. I’m really looking forward to Josh and Katie’s book. I think I’m going to love that one!