All He Ever Needed - Shannon Stacey
This was cute. I didn't love it as much as I loved Yours to Keep, but it was still highly enjoyable.

I definitely missed my Kowalski family, and there were no incidents of "doom" that has become one of the trademarks with the Kowalski clan, but I liked seeing Sean's family after he showed up in the last book.

I wanted to have more of a wrap up for Mitch and Paige though. I felt like the ending just kind of happened--especially with how drawn out their initial hook-up was. It was like the author ran out of time in the end and had to end the book within ten pages or else.

However, I had a blast reading up until then. There are a few things I hope get answered in the next book though:

1. Mallory and Drew--what happens to them. That was kind of left hanging. I have a hard time believe that's the last we'll hear about them.

2. Rosie and Andy??? Are there sparks there? Will they be able to build something with that horrible past still between them?

3. Where in the heck were the rest of the Kowalski clan? I miss them! I want updates!

I guess we'll have to see what the next book hold for us.