Need - Sherri Hayes
NEED by Sherri Hayes is the second installment of the Finding Anna series. The often times heart wrenching nature of the story, the quiet strength of the heroine, and the loving dominance displayed by the hero absolutely made this story for me.

Short recap: Brianna has been with her new Master, Stephan, for a while and she just found out that she's no longer a slave. The revelation that she was rescued from the horrifying captivity she endured for ten months and is now considered "free" shocks her more than she or Stephan could have realized.

Stephan, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Brianna and has a hard time reconciling his desires with what he knows is best for the scarred young woman. As they try to build a relationship, they have to deal with outside forces that threaten to keep Brianna from finding the person she was before she was enslaved.

NEED is one of those books that draws you right in. Starting off right where Slave (the first book in the series) left off, you are right back into the thick of it with Brianna and Stephan. Because of this, I think that if you haven't read the first book, you would be lost starting with the second.

Stephan is such a great hero. He's what I love in BDSM romance. That loving dominance that shows that a D/s relationship can be so much more than what's stereotyped. He gives Brianna exactly what she needs even when he's pushing her limits.

The story doesn't move along as much as I would have liked but there is some great progress in Brianna and Stephan's relationship as well as some serious barriers. It was captivating watching them negotiate through those situations. There was quite a bit of drama in this one beyond just Brianna and Stephan and that made up for some of my ire at the lack of progress in the story.

I am not usually fan of the first person point of view in these kind of stories because I'm always wondering what the other person is thinking. So, I actually love this series because it switched back and forth between Brianna's and Stephan's viewpoint to give both of their perspectives.

Overall though, I am fascinated with this series and look forward to its continuation. NEED ends on a cliffhanger, so I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book.