Slow Ride - Erin McCarthy
*3.5 stars*

I liked Tuesday and I liked Daniel (Diesel) but I was a bit frustrated with Erin McCarthy. I've read the other books in the series and I really enjoyed them but this time, I felt like the editing was off. Words were misused which was unusual for this author. But what really just ripped me out of the story was the author messed up the vital stats of the characters. How do you go from Blue eyes in the beginning of the story to suddenly looking at Brown eyes for the same character. I had to go back and check just to be sure, but yeah, his eyes suddenly changed and then changed back! It really just ticked me off the rest of the story.

Then I really didn't like how quickly things got resolved. You got a woman admitting she's an alcoholic to getting married in like 2 pages. Just way too fast for me.

So, I had more to complain about with this story but overall loved the characters and I will continue with this series.