Undercover Submissive - Michelle Hughes
Ok, I'm not exactly sure how to rate this book.

I thought the premise was great but it fell short for me on the way it was delivered. The whole idea of a woman posing as her twin to find out why she disappeared--very interesting. But, I thought it was all too easy. The book needed to be longer in order to flesh all of those details out.

I thought that the characters were good, but once again, I just wanted more. WHY didn't Dylan ever keep subs? Why was he just training them before he met Caycee? I thought we got a lot of Caycee's background but it was Dylan that I was really interested in.

Also, for those of you who liked to be warned, there were some pretty glaring editing mistakes that took me out of the story in the beginning of the book. But, as the story went on, things were either better or I was able to overlook them, but I didn't notice anything and the story went a lot faster.

So, I thought this book fell a bit off the mark for me. I really liked all aspects of it, but I was really aching for the author to do more with it if you know what I mean.

I have never read anything by Michelle Hughes before. I liked her ideas in this book so I will definitely look out for more of her work.