Mine to Hold  - Shayla Black
I really liked this one but it wasn't my favorite. I'll get into why in a minute but first I wanted to go over what I loved about the book.

Tyler was just amazing in this one. I knew that there was something with him. I knew that there was some reason behind his man-slut ways, and I loved watching that whole story unfold.

Tyler as a dad was just to yummy for words.

Delaney was a fantastic heroine. She was strong, sometimes too stubborn, but she wasn't a TSTL chick whose neck I wanted to wring.

The chemistry between Del and Tyler was so hot it was seriously palpable and I felt deliciously voyeuristic by having the opportunity to observe it.

So, I guess you're wondering why the 4 star rating when I rated other books so high. Well, I'll tell you. I don't like it when characters use BDSM willy-nilly. I know that Tyler had his caveman tendencies and all, but I didn't like the guise of using spankings and bondage without really talking about those things with his partner or really learning about them. It's not something to enter into lightly and it made me cringe every time he would throw out how much he would love to "spank her ass red" and the like when I know he hasn't really learned how to be responsible in that arena.

Now, nothing bad happened here, it is a story after all, but I still think that there was an opportunity there to be responsible that may have been missed.

Now, Shayla Black is a favorite of mine, and I am going to continue with this series because I absolutely love it, but I wouldn't be an honest reader if I didn't give that feedback because it's how I truly felt.