Scored - Lily Harlem
Very cute and hot romance. This had some funny lines in it and even funnier situations! I had to LOL a few times.

Nicky is a sports writer and she loves football--aka soccer for all of us Americans out there. She's set to cover the European cup for her magazine and that consists of following the England team to to the competition. That has the added bonus of letting her see super hot, extremely talented team captain, Lewis Tate.

Certain circumstances have them running into each a few times and that leads to some very serious attraction which leads into flirting which eventually leads into sex. They fall instantly into lust but there are some big obstacles--Nicky has a boss that seems to be interested more in gossip than in football, and Lewis's coach has forbidden the team from having female attention.

All of this leads to a very hot affair that ends up turning into something else, but can Nicky defy her boss and keep things about the football? And can Lewis keep his head in the game when he can't get his mind off of Nicky?

I thought this was absolutely adorable. I loved Lewis. He was so intense but vulnerable. And I loved the way he wasn't afraid to let Nicky know how he feels about her. They had some hilarious interactions in the beginning, that I laughed my ass off about. They also had some smokin' hot, burning up the sheets interactions that were pretty memorable as well.

My only problem was I felt like the story line with Nicky's boss was dropped. I thought the whole gossip angle really could have added some tension to the story.