Irresistible - Susan Mallery, Cecelia Frontero
Awww, this was really sweet. I loved Walker. He was just so much more than I expected. We got a small peek at him in Delicious but I loved this in depth look at him. He totally didn’t give himself enough credit, but i’m glad he came to his senses. Alyssa was awesome and so strong, but I can’t believe at 25 years old she thought she was going to go 18 years without sex! Crazy, Lady! LOL

I listened to this on audio and I thought the narrator did a respectable job on most voices, but she did the male voices like they had southern accents most of the time. I was able to ignore that mostly though.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the monster...Gloria. Man that woman is a witch. Is it bad that I was happy about what happened to her? Book three should be really interesting. I can’t wait for it.