Demon in Disguise - Diane Thorne
My mama always said to me, “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it”. And truer words have never been said in the case of the main character in DEMON IN DISGUISE by Diane Thorne. This cheeky paranormal romance highlighted this in a most unusual but very entertaining way.

DEMON IN DISGUISE is the story about a college girl named Jennifer who has been with your boyfriend, Brian, for about four months. She wants to have sex with him, but for some reason unbeknownst to her, he keeps putting her off. After one particularly frustrating make-out/heavy petting session that left her even more frustrated, she tells her friend, Sally, that she would be willing to sell her soul for just one night of passion with Brian.

Now I bet you can guess what happened after that. Yep. She ends up catching the ear of a demon in Hell and he gives her what she wants, but that means that Jennifer has now sold her soul without realizing it. And when she does realize her error she has to enlist the help of her boyfriend and her friend Sally (who also happens to be a witch) to get her soul back.

I wasn’t particularly fond of the main character, Jennifer, because I thought she was too self absorbed, and I didn’t much care whether or not she got her soul back. In light of that, I thought it may be hard to like this book. However, I wasn’t counting on the fact that this author made Hell so appealing! LOL, I mean seriously, it didn’t seem like a too bad place to be. With movie theaters, bars, clubs and the like, it certainly seemed like a good time.

I also really enjoyed the other characters in the story. Dominick, the demon, was just a guy trying to move up in his career, Sally the witch just wanted to find her place in the world, and Brian--oh Brian--he had the best secrets of all. Yummy and delicious ones. I really hope there is some follow up to that!

Overall, I thought DEMON IN DISGUISE was a fun and quick read, and although I may have been rooting for the wrong characters, I was rooting nonetheless. I really must demand at this point that there is a second book surrounding these characters. I have to know what happens next!

*I received this book in exchange for my HONEST review*