Giving It Up - Amber Lin
A review for The Romance Reviews.

Amber Lin's debut novel, GIVING IT UP is intensely sensuous, wrought with emotion, and so well written that I absolutely could not put it down!

This story is about Allie, a single mom with more baggage than an airport, who meets up with bad boy Colin one night when she's out prowling for her next one nightstand. The two have sex but she's not expecting the tenderness from him. She tries to stay away from him; however, Colin isn't willing to give Allie up without a fight because he recognizes their connection from their first night together.

When Allie's tragic past catches up with her, she runs right into the arms of Colin. As they try to make a relationship work, they find that their personal "issues" aren't the only thing working against them. But Allie finds that she's stronger than she knew and she has to use all of that strength in order to hang on to the happiness she's finally realizes she deserves.

Let me start out by saying right now, GIVING IT UP is not your average erotic romance. This story has some really heavy themes. Allie is pretty messed up and finding out her story as well as watching some of the situations she puts herself in can be very difficult to read. But I think that's one of things that intrigued me the most about the story. I really couldn't begin to guess how the characters would respond or where exactly the story was going. I just had to come along for the ride...and what a ride it was!

Colin was quite the conundrum. He was very secretive and deceptive at times, and I wasn't sure if I could like his character. Ultimately though, he won me over, much in the way he did Allie, by showing what he had underneath that hard exterior. The tenderness he showed both Allie and her daughter couldn't be faked and it made him quite irresistible.

This story was well very well written. The plot was suspenseful and intricate, the secondary characters were interesting and engaging in their own right. From the moment I sat down to start reading this, I was ensnared, and I continued to be right until the very last word.

GIVING IT UP is definitely a five star read for me. I am amazed that it's Amber Lin's first published work. She's definitely an author I'll be on the look out for in the future. If what lies ahead for this author is anything like GIVING IT UP, she's certainly going to make a name for herself in erotic romance.