The Bikini Diaries - Lacey Alexander
full review to come later (no pun intended)...

but, I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!

Reread 7/18/12

THE BIKINI DIARIES is an erotic journey into one woman’s sexual self-discovery that tempts, titillates, and teases you, all while delivering on it’s sensual and romantic promises.

Wendy has no idea when she sees the “White Bikini Babe” that her life will change forever. She’s supposed to be working at a resort in Florida, she sees the bikini clad goddess and wishes she could be more like her: hot, self-assured, turning the heads of men and women alike. Deciding to make her wishes a reality, she sets off to make her adventurous and alluring.

After getting sexy new clothes, underwear, and a barely there bikini of her own. She meets Brandon at a bar. He’s exactly the kind of man she’s looking to get, gorgeous, sexy as all get out, and confident. They end up having amazingly hot sex right after they meet, and she loved every minute of it. However, Wendy didn’t expect for feelings to become involved, and when she realizes they have, it may be too late.

Wendy is such a great character. She sees herself as average and wants to find that inner vixen. And she does and it makes her see her world in a whole new light. Watching her take charge of her sexuality and her experiences was quite liberating.

Brandon, let’s face it, is a every woman’s fantasy--gorgeous, successful, great in the sack, plus humble and down to earth. Also, he was secure enough in himself to help Wendy experience those sexual fantasies that she had, and even some that she didn’t know she’d actually enjoy.

The plot was great and had a bit of mistaken identity in there, that although you could see it coming a mile away, made the story more interesting. The world-building in the story was fantastic as well. I could actually envision myself at this ocean-side resort, sitting under the beach umbrella, drinking fruity rum drinks.

Well, this is an erotic romance, so I must say that this author did not disappoint. This story was so hot and steamy, that I was sure I was in Florida a few times because the temperature in my house raised several degrees a few times. Brandon took Wendy on an unbelievable sexual adventure. The two of the them together were explosive, but there were also some M/F/M scenes and even a short F/F scene that added to the steam factor. And, I will say that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make a salad again without blushing (that’s all you’re getting out of me about that!).

THE BIKINI DIARIES was an erotic romance that was so much more. With a great plot, fantastic world-building around an absolutely perfect locale, steamy sexual encounters, and a sweet and romantic HEA, it is a definite hit. I know that I’ll be reading this one again, as it was the perfect escape--a sensual getaway without having to leave my living room.