Spring Fever - Mary Kay Andrews
I thought that this was a very cute story about reuniting old love. My problem with the story was that I thought it dragged in the middle a little bit. Some of the story could have been taken out and made the story more succinct.

However, I had to admit I loved Annajane and Mason together. It was so obvious that they were meant to be together. I loved to hate Mason's fiancé, Celia.

I loved the story surrounding the beverage company and it's meaning to the town. All of the secrets revealed during the story blew me away as it amazed me that such a lovely family could have so many skeletons in the closet.

This is my first book by Mary Kay Andrews, but I liked her voice. She made me laugh, cry, and yell, and I love when I can get into a book that much. I will definitely be searching out more of her work.