Canyon Shadows - Vonna Harper
A review for The Romance Reviews.

CANYON SHADOWS has a great mix of suspense, interesting characters, and intense sexual chemistry between the main characters.

Shari is a dog trainer in Oregon who's getting ready to meet up with rancher Maco Durant when she's shot at by an unknown assailant. Maco arrives just in time to help Shari and her faithful dog, Ona. Maco is only supposed to be getting two of Shari's trained security dogs, but the heat between them is undeniable.

Maco knows that he should keep the relationship between him and Shari professional but he can't help wanting to protect her. Burned by his failed marriage, he knows the dangers of trying to keep a woman wrapped in cotton wool, but Shari brings out all of his protective instincts, not to mention his libido.

While Maco and Shari try to deal with the heat between them, there is a real threat to Shari that has to be stopped before it's too late.

My favorite part about CANYON SHADOWS had to be the plot. Full of suspense and mystery as well as secrets and revelations, I couldn't help but turn the page to find out what Shari's past was all about. The author didn't leave me disappointed when all was revealed either.

I liked the characters as well, although I shouted at them more than few times. Shari and Maco really did have lot of baggage with Maco's disastrous marriage and Shari's horrible childhood, but they were great people and you couldn't help but want everything to work out for them.

I thought the ending left something to be desired. It was more of a "happy for now" type ending than a "happily ever after", and I didn't feel like Maco and Shari's relationship got adequately resolved.

In the grand scheme of things, I thought that CANYON SHADOWS was an interesting read. With the suspense-filled plot and the characters I grew to care about, I had a good time reading it.