Up Close And Dangerously Sexy - Karen Anders
I thought that this was ok. I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't listened to it on audio. The narrator really messed up some pronunciations and that really grates on my nerves. There was a whole section where the female character was ogling the male one, but the narrator kept saying it like "ah-goling" instead of the way it should be pronounced.

The dialogue was like: I shouldn't be ah-goling him, then he says are you "ah-goling" me? Then she says "I don't ah-gole".

Oh it was so horrible to have that repeated time and time again. I wanted to scream my head off. LOL

Anyway, the story was good but the narration not so much. I'd give that a 2 and the story a 4 to average out at a 3.